1. The Basic Setup

In its basic form, The Swing Setup™ training aid can be used to teach a player to stand in proper alignment to the target.  Two feet placement guides extend towards the player to mark the correct placement for the feet (shoulder width apart).  A ball placement gauge extends from the other side of The Swing Setup™ trainer to mark the correct position for the ball and can be adjusted depending on the club the player is using.  All rods fold into The Swing Setup™ training aid to allow for easy storage.


2. The Cut / Draw Setup

The Swing Setup™ training aid can also be used to teach the player to cut and draw, opening from the front if hitting a cut and opening form the back if hitting a draw.  The bar closest to the ball is the target line (swing path) and the bar closest to the player is the aiming line.  The player can adjust the angle of The Swing Setup™ trainer from 0-35 degrees in 5 degree increments, allowing the player to consistently reproduce the desired amount of cut or draw.


3. The Railroad Tracks Setup

The Swing Setup™ training aid fully opens to allow the player to hit in between the two rails, thus creating a swing path for the player. The player can use the club indicator markings to know if the ball should be placed in the center, front, or back of their stance.


4. The Putting Track Setup

For putting, the player can adjust the feet placement guide for a wider stance, allowing the shoulders to freely rock back and forth and creating a truer pendulum.  The straight edge of The Swing Setup™ trainer gives the player instant feedback if the club is “off line”.