Common Questions

Why should I buy The Swing Setup™ training aid?

Because practice makes perfect, but practicing the wrong thing doesn’t.  The Swing Setup™ trainer allows you to correctly practice the fundamentals of the setup and fine tune your game by adjusting to your body.  The Swing Setup™ training aid reinforces correct foot and ball placement both visually and physically, this allows you to practice smarter not harder.

Is The Swing Setup™ training aid easy to use and carry with you?

YES!!  The Swing Setup™ training aid fits in your bag just like your clubs or an umbrella.  You can set it up quickly and can operate it with one hand.

How do I establish a retail account?

Setting up an account is simple.  You can email us at or call 1-855-797-3887 and we can setup the account quickly.

I’m a PGA Professional and interested in using your product with my students how do I contact you?

Being PGA Professionals ourselves we love the support and want you to succeed as well.  Please contact us at or call us at 1-855-797-3887 and we can support your needs the best we can.

Can I use The Swing Setup™ training aid at home or in my office?

Absolutely!!  Working on foot/ball placement, or alignment doesn’t always have to be done on the range.  You can use it behind your desk or in your living room and build the muscle memory both visually and physically.  It works with putting as well, honing a true and consistent putting stroke.

Can I take The Swing Setup™ training aid with me on the course?

YES. According to USGA decision 2001-496 it is not considered to be a 15th club, so you can keep it in your golf bag during the round and even in a tournament. You cannot, however, take it out and use it during the course of the round without incurring a penalty. The good news is that you do not have to go to your car trunk or locker to put The Swing Setup™ training aid away after using it on the practice tee.

Do I need different units for my kids or left handers?

Absolutely not.  (Although you may have to buy multiple because everyone will want to use yours to practice with!!)  The Swing Setup™ training aid works with all body types and ages.  Since The Swing Setup™ training aid adjusts to your body type, kids and adults can use it alike.  If you flip The Swing Setup™ trainer over it works the same for lefthanders.

Customer Support

If you have any questions that aren’t in our FAQ, or if you need help with ordering your Swing Setup, we are here to help. Please fill out the form below and we will respond to you as soon as possible. You can also contact us by calling 1-855-797-3887 if you would like to talk to a human being.